Best SDR Antenna – Top Rated Antenna for RTL SDR of 2020

SDR antenna

Software defined radio or SDR antenna is used for radio communications. It has wide range applications, especially in amplifiers, detectors, mixers, modulators, air traffic control, etc. This is why it is always in demand. With time, the SDR antenna has advanced, and its uses are branching out more than ever before. From professional use to hobbies such as electrical designs, it comes handy everywhere! 

Best Antenna for RTL SDR

There are so many different options on the market today that finding the  SDR antenna is actually quite tricky. The right one for you is the one that satisfies your needs and does not pinch your pocket at the same time. Here’s a list of our favorites to make this easy on you. They are among the top reviewed SDR antennae at the moment, and we hope you find your favorite from this list.

1. NooElec RaTLSnake M6 3-Antenna BundleNooElec RaTLSnake

The Nooelec 3-Antenna Bundle is a premium, heavy-duty bundle of antennae that works perfectly not just with RTL-SDR radios but also with SMA radios. It is sturdy and comes with a wide range of benefits, such as the following:

  • It is a magnetic whip antenna that you can use for any radio that has 50 Ohm SMA connectors.
  • The package includes a base and a bundle of 3 antenna masts. They are telescopic, DVB-T2, and helical. 
  • This product has been designed keeping the requirements of wideband SDRs in mind.
  • You can use it with many SDRs such as HackRF, RTL-SDR, and NESDR.
  • The base works wonderfully for shielding and ground plane coupling.
  • The antenna’s base is very resilient and durable since it is made with heavy-gauge metal.
  • The manufacturers offer a full 1-year warranty to back their antenna.

NooElec NESDR Nano 2+

2. RTL-SDR Antenna Kit for SDR antenna

RTL-SDR Antenna Kit

It is a best seller, and Amazon vouches for it too! It is none other than the RTL-SDR Antenna Kit. Once you buy this, you won’t have to look at anything else. That’s how awesome the kit is. Don’t believe us? Go through its features to find out for yourself.

  • The kit includes 2 telescopic antennae, an extension cable, a dipole base, a suction cup mount, and a flex tripod mount.
  • You can use the kit for a wide range of purposes such as air traffic control, P25 digital voice, trunked radio, meteor scatter monitoring, general radio scanning, weather balloons, radio astronomy, etc.
  • You can tune it from just 500 kHz to 1.7 GHz.
  • Its instantaneous width is 3.2 MHz. 
  • If you are a beginner, you will absolutely love the kit. Just changing the orientation will help with satellite reception. How cool is that?
  • The extension cable and mounts in the kit are designed to let you use the antenna outside so that you have no reception hindrances.

NooElec NESDR Nano 2+

3. NooElec Yard Stick Antenna and Transceiver

NooElec Yard Stick

 This is another gem from NooElec. It is a set of two. It includes a USB transceiver as well as the antenna (915 MHz). Why should you grab it? Here are a few reasons:

  • The USB transceiver can receive a variety of license-free bands.
  • The antenna and transceiver set has an integrated amplifier for transmitting and receiving.
  • They also have a bias-tee that helps power the port accessories of the antenna.
  • It has a female SMA connector so that you attach another antenna (besides the one in the set) if you want to.
  • The data rates are up to 500 kbps.
  • The programming test points are GIMME-compatible.
  • The modulations included are MSK, 4-FSK, 2-FSK, OOK, and ASK.

NooElec NESDR Nano 2+

4. E-Outstanding Telescopic SDR Antenna

Telescopic Antenna

Say hello to another Amazon’s Choice antenna! It has an SMA male connector and a total of 7 sections. You can use it for electric toys, VCD, lanterns, lamps, radio, television, and many special configuration communications. Its features are simply outstanding. They are:

  • It is made out of brass and steel.
  • It has a metal ring that promises stability so that you don’t have trouble with band reception. 
  • It offers omnidirectional reception, thus helping you save space.
  • Since it is for manual measurement, the manufacturers have made it clear that you can expect a certain amount of error (1-3 cm). We request you to buy this product only if you are okay with this.
  • It is an excellent quality antenna at a great price!

NooElec NESDR Nano 2+

5. HackRF One Antenna Bundle for SDR antenna

HackRF One Antenna Bundle

This USB powered bundle is a little on the expensive end. So, if you don’t mind the price, you may check this out. Otherwise, you can skip this and look at our aforementioned options. The features of this antenna from NooElec are:

  • Its operating frequency range is 1 MHz to 6 GHz. 
  • It has a half-duplex transceiver.
  • The bundle comes with a USB cable for easy connecting.
  • You can use it with SDR#, GNU radio, etc.
  • It has RX and TX gain that are software-configurable.
  • It is a 50 Ohm antenna that serves multiple general purposes. 

NooElec NESDR Nano 2+

No matter which antenna you pick from our list, we are positive that you won’t be disappointed. The only thing to remember is to pick based on your preferences. Not all of them have the same application or features. That’s the only area where we advise thought and caution.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the comments section.

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